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A good scarf can make the simplest outfit fresh up

Date:2016-12-22 19:52

  The temperature dropped to zero, a light coat holding has some could not carry it, this is a good opportunity to scarf a go, it is warm and fashionable, winter is definitely the most practical play tide weapon, to use it to solve your problem and all collocation!
  A good scarf can not only make the most simple dress up immediately, but also can bring you a lot of freshness to make your unique.
  Scarf style recommended
  The editor to recommend two of the season's worth of scarf here, a classic all-match walking path, a is the most popular style this season, girl to all good!
  Cashmere scarf
  There is a all-match a cashmere scarf, really do not worry about any collocation, and you will find that it is higher than the utilization rate you want. The conventional rectangular fringed scarf belonging to each age group can accept the style, if you want to wear again for a long time is not obsolete, then you can choose the black gray camel, dark blue.

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